2022-2023 Writing Competition Winners
比賽類別: 英文科
日期: 2023-06-27 (星期二)
性質: 校內舉辦

Students' good work

To become a good writer, it takes discipline and hard work. The students' creativity and the use of grammar in their writing was outstanding. We are very proud of their good work. Keep it up!



P1. My Favourite Animal

2223 P.1 Champion (1C Chu Tsz Yuen / Joans)


2223 P.1 1st runner up (1D Tang Sum Ying / Charlotte)


2223 P.1 2nd runner up (1A Lai Yan Kiu / Angie)


P2. My Favourite Animal

2223 P.2 Champion (2C Chan Pak See / Ainsley)


2223 P.2 1st runner up (2C Tse Pui Li / Bailey)


2223 P.2 2nd runner up (2A Cheng Sum Yu)


P3. My Hobbies

2223 P.3 Champion (3A Lam Hang Ching / Sofia)


2223 P.3 1st runner up (3B Zhang Taz Ching / Kayley)


2223 P.3 2nd runner up (3A Chow Yan Chun / Theodore)


P4. My Hobbies

2223 P.4 Champion (4C Jacob Lai)


2223 P.4 1st runner up (4A Pak Ho Ko / Pakho)


2021 P.4 2nd runner up (4A Terence Wong)


P5 - Fun Things to do in Hong Kong

2223 P.5 Champion (5E Pang Yiu Hing / Andy)


2223 P.5 1st runner up (5C Wan Pui Lam / Quincy)


2223 P.5 2nd runner up (5E Chow Suet Yee / Joyce)



P6 - Fun Things to do in Hong Kong

2223 P.6 Champion (6A Cheng Tze Ching / Sofia)


2223 P.6 1st runner up (6B Tse Cheuk Thing / Justin)


2223 P.6 2nd runner up (6B Chan Ting Him / Tommy)


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