TOEFL- Striving for excellence
比賽類別: 英文科
日期: 2023-05-08 (星期一)
性質: 校外舉辦

Our students participated in the TOEFL junior standard test. They were assessed on speaking, listening, reading and listening. The positive impact of the test allows students to take a balanced approach to language learning and develop the ability to use the language effectively in the real world. With hard work comes great reward, we are very proud of our students, keep up the excellent work!

The gold merit winner
Chan Hei Tung 5A
The silver merit winner
Kwong Ho Ting 5ACheng Tze Ching 6AYang Shing Hei 6C
The bronze merit winner
Lam Chak Henson 5BCheung Cheuk Tung 5CJong Lok Ching 6AWong Tsz Ching 6DChau Wing Tung 5BSo Sen Hei Catherine 6D
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